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How to Book Sana K  (2023/2024)



Hello there!

Thank you for your interest. 

Please take your time and read the following and if there are any questions, please feel free to ask.



Please EMAIL with 






Once availability is confirmed via e-mail, 30 % of your quote must be paid to book the date and time (via bank transfer). This is a non-refundable and non-transferable fee. The remaining amount needs to be paid a week before your event(s).

If you are having a trial, then we will wait only 24h after the trial and if we do not hear from you, the slot will be given away. All bookings are on a first come, first served basis.


All Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable upon cancellation

All communication must be confirmed via e-mail only


Price List 

Trial £120 (Harrow HA2 only)


Trials are  optional and take place in Harrow (BRIDAL TRIAL for Hair and MAKEUP - lasts 2-3h). Once a trial has been done, you have 24h to book your date and time. If we do not receive an e-mail  of confirmation with your deposit, within that time frame, your date and time is no longer guaranteed and thus open for booking by someone else.


BRIDAL HAIR & MAKEUP (main event and reception £500 each within London)

For all other occasions, please request a Quote which depends on the area and the occasion

All Bridal Functions (Pre- wedding shoots, Bridal Shower, Mehndi, Civil, Registry, Church, Nikaah, Valima, Anand Karaj, Hindu Ceremony, Reception, Engagement) are at the same price (Bridal Hair and Makeup - 2-3h appointment).

Discounts are considered if booking more than 2 Bridal Functions.

Should you wish to have Hollywood waves, you need to match and purchase them from reputable brands and bring with you on the trial or the wedding day. We do not provide 100 % Remy clip on extensions for Hollywood waves. We are not associated with any hair brands for extensions that we might recommend. Brands to consider are Bombay Hair, Foxy Locks, Milk and Blush and Bellami hair. Most good quality remy 220g clip on hair extensions of 22-24 inches cost approximately £250-£300. Hollywood waves should take 1-2h depending on your hair length and thickness, please bear this in mind.

What is the order of bridal hair or makeup? What does the 2-3 h process entail?

As I do both hair and makeup this is how I proceed.

For some of you, my starting time is very early in the morning and when I am outside your venue, I always Whatsapp to let you know I have arrived, this is to avoid disturbing other household members. 

I need 10-15 minutes to set up, so I always request for a large area like a bed (please cover it with a towel) or a table to lay out everything we will need. I need good natural light, a chair for you, an electric socket for hair tools and fresh air. I will not allow people to go in and out of the room unless it is urgent as this impedes getting ready on time. I would also suggest to turn your mobile phone off and enjoy the process with some  relaxing music on. Try and have a snack or meal before we start as you probably do not want things stuck in your teeth once you are ready. We can always stop for a loo break any time.

If you are going to layer your body cream and perfume, this should also be done before we start.

Initially the face and any body skin which might be exposed is prepped and then the hair is prepped. Please wash your hair the night before for styling in the morning.

Before any hair styling begins, your blouse (if it needs to go over your head) and necklace (which might be on a fabric string and goes over your head), needs to be on your neck and your teeka and any other hair accessory that will be used needs to be provided at the time of hair styling. Usually the hair is prepped and set, then makeup is done. Once the makeup is complete, hair styling with accessories will be completed. Your dupatta will then be set and and pinned on your head and shirt. You can wear your anklets and sandals at this point.

For Sikh weddings, if the earrings bangles and sandals are already on, then kaleeray will need to be worn at this point.

Your last thing should be spritzing your favourite perfume before you leave.

Any photography on my part, will always be with your permission. Please also request my permission before your photographer wants to interrupt your time getting ready. I prefer not stay for any shots for the photographer (trust me there are many that ask for chunni to be draped only when they arrive or to hold a makeup brush). All these staged shots can be done with your friends and family in your own time.





Party hair and makeup will  ONLY  be considered if there is availability -  Please request your quotes via e-mail or the Contact Form below 

Party hair and Makeup / Bridesmaids / Mother of the Bride / Wedding guests  (Hair and Makeup) 

minimum 3 people - 


What is included? (Extensions NOT included)

Strip lashes for the makeup 

padding and hair pieces if needed

Pins and Grips

Rubber bands

Styling and Finishing products to do your hair


Please match your hair colour and bring the required length that can be curled or are already curly to blend with your own hair. Dupatta setting and dressing are NOT included for party hair and makeup.

It is advisable to send a picture of your current hair and the hair style in mind a few weeks before your event. As most people do not have trials for party hair and makeup, it advisable to send as much information of the look you want to create, so a picture of the makeup is also beneficial beforehand

Please note:-

If you are the bride, party hair and makeup will not be done for you, in order to avoid cancellation on the day please be honest at the time of booking.

Also, Bridal service is still the same whether the look you are going for is light or intense, the difference is in the colour palette not the technique.



It is advised to pre plan the bridal look, this means providing as much information as possible to ensure all requirements are met. Images are the best way to demonstrate this. For your trial, it is advisable to bring a chunni/dupatta with teeka / jewellery or something similar for a feel of the look you are trying to achieve, 

It is advisable to purchase your own lip product for touch ups.

It is advisable to stick to your time slot as there are bookings throughout the day and any delay on your part will cause delays to others. There will also be extra charge by the hour that you will incur.





All Deposits and payments are non refundable and non Transferable 

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Bridal makeup Trial with Sana K

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1-2-1 Professional Makeup and Hair Course Prices

1 DAY  - £650

2 DAY- £950

3 DAY - £1200

5 DAY hair and makeup - £1900 (w/o portfolio shoot)

5 DAY hair only - £1500

5 DAY Makeup only - £1600

5 DAY hair and makeup - £2500 (with Portfolio shoot)

4 WEEK hair and makeup - £4500 (w/o portfolio shoot)

4 WEEK hair and makeup - £5000 (with Portfolio shoot)

Learn to do your own makeup or hair - £75/h or 7h day £500

For further information please Contact us using the form below

For Bridal enquiries, please inform of your date, time to be ready by and venue / area where you will get ready

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

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